Calvert Forum

Calvert Forum undertakes research and organises events designed to understand and address the challenges of developing a thriving creative economy. Taking a solutions-based approach, the forum aims to inform policies and action that can unlock the potential of the creative and cultural industries in Russia and Eastern Europe. Working collaboratively with practitioners, institutions, researchers, and policy makers, the forum works to establish a body of evidence-based research covering four main lines of enquiry.

The first area is the wider role of creative industries and their impact on employment, economic growth, urban regeneration, and social development. Secondly, the forum investigates the major policy issues that affect creative industries, cultural production, and small- and medium-sized enterprises. The third area of focus is building a repository of international best practice – unpicking how global cities have developed a viable creative economy. Finally, the forum's programme looks at the economic impact of outside perceptions and 'place brand' on cities and regions, the interplay between place brand and creative industries, and how both government and non-governmental actors can improve and leverage those perceptions.